‘I didn’t like it’: YouTube tests removal of the number of dislikes from the screen

After feedbacks regarding well-being and harmful campaigns, provided by content creators, YouTube will test, in the coming weeks, an interface in which the number of negative reactions – the dislikes – will not be displayed on the screen.

In any case, highlights the company, the option “I didn’t like it” will remain available to the public, even for the effective training of recommendations. In addition, the hidden information will remain within the reach of the person responsible for the material posted on YouTube Studio.

Creature and creator

According to Engadget, the platform has devoted its attention to the resource since 2018, the year in which its retrospective – YouTube Rewind – became the most hated in the company’s history. In 2019, it launched proposals such as turning off counts by default or completely removing the tool.

Apparently, the novelty is a way for the giant to deal with the problems that the button can bring – which does not eliminate the irony that something was done only after it was affected by what it created.

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