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Does the Internet make people less intelligent? Learn how to use it

The internet can be a great ally of work, knowledge and even the most basic daily tasks. However, it must…

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Monster Hunter Rise: a fundamental game for Switch

The new installment of the Monster Hunter saga shows that greater accessibility and the ability to play at home or…

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Former NFL player Phillip Adams kills five and commits suicide

Rock Hill. The man who shot and killed five people, including a prominent doctor, in South Carolina was identified as…

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They identify a gene that would make it easier for plants to withstand global warming

Madrid. A new heat-sensing gene identified by scientists at the University of California at Riverside may be the answer to…

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The fans “are incredible”, but when they get upset they “go out of line”

Mexico City. In the third episode of Demi Lovato’s new YouTube documentary Dancing with the Devil, the singer briefly addresses…

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Google tests its new technology to record user data and advertise them

‘Federated Learning of Cohorts’, or FLoC for friends, is an experimental Google tool that divides users according to their Internet…

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