Walter Ricciardi, Draghi’s virologist: “Italy and Spain are chasing the virus, they are not anticipating”

Italy and European countries could do more to fight the coronavirus. This is stated by Walter Ricciardi (Naples, 1959) a…

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Ritxar Bacete: “There are mothers with a penis and fathers without a penis: beyond biology, we are culture”

The anthropologist presents his book ‘Papá’ and talks about the historical roles and the experience of fatherhood: “Parents feminize their…

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Ancient Egyptian ‘clay mummy’ discovered: a never-before-seen mortuary technique

A clay shell that wraps around a mummy is the rare mortuary treatment identified on an Egyptian mummy, the body…

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‘The boy’ resurrects 100 years later: Chaplin’s masterpiece returns to the cinema

Since cinemas lifted the blind after the pandemic closed, it has been independent distributors and small and signature films that…

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